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Marketing Pathways is a boutique digital marketing firm that helps small to medium-size businesses create an amazing online presence that will provide brand recognition and generate leads.

Looking for top-to-bottom assistance with social media, email marketing, websites and mobile marketing?  We will help plan and deliver your digital and online marketing success.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing changes rapidly. Most businesses find it difficult to keep up with all its changes and nuances. Marketing Pathways has the breadth of knowledge and depth of experience to work with you in a cost-effective way.

Email Marketing

No, Email Marketing isn’t dead! Email is the top form of marketing for small businesses. From the initial plan, design, and total implementation, you will achieve better results allowing us to apply our methods and expertise to your campaign.

Web Design

Every business should be on the web. More importantly, every business should have a website design that matches the company vision and brand. We will create a website design for you that will garner more traffic and attention.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is the fastest growing form of marketing and is great for businesses targeting consumers or a younger audience. It makes it easy to keep in touch with them in a way they use and enjoy.

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