Your Virtual Marketing Manager or
Virtual Marketing Assistant

For businesses without an internal marketing department or that have a small department needing additional help, we provide virtual marketing services. Using a contract virtual marketing manager allows you the flexibility of using services only when you need them.

What is a Virtual Marketing Manager?

Your off-site marketing professional contracted to provide those marketing services you don’t have the time or expertise for.

Why hire a Virtual Marketing Manager?

Do you already have a small marketing staff? Frequently marketing departments have more work than they can comfortably complete. There is no need to hire that part-time worker; we can supplement your department’s efforts when needed — virtually. No additional employee benefits are paid out. No worry about what hours they work. You don’t need to be concerned about their work-load. No direct supervision is necessary. Hiring us as your Virtual Marketing Manager provides a simple solution to an oftentimes difficult and timely problem.

Virtual Marketing Manager
  • Remote marketing assistance online from our offices. No need for us to be in your city! We will be your virtual marketing manager providing most forms of marketing you will need.
  • It’s an economical way to use an experienced marketing manager/professional/assistant to get results.
  • Use us ongoing or only when you need to.
  • We can develop a comprehensive company marketing plan and perform the tasks to implement it.
  • Our specialty is digital marketing, but we can also create more traditional marketing forms, such as logos and collateral materials.
  • Marketing Pathways specializes in working with B2B businesses. Most digital marketing firms work with B2C clients. They don’t have the expertise needed to understand what a manufacturer, construction company, or other Business-to-Business company needs to market for sales growth and brand awareness effectively.
  • Many B2B businesses don’t have experienced marketing personnel on staff. They rely solely on whoever has time available. Being able to complete a marketing task comes up short when compared to using a professional with an in-depth knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, industry best practices, and where to spend your time and money to get the best results. Use a Virtual Marketing Manager when you need them.
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