Professional Email Marketing Services

If you aren’t marketing to your customers and prospects by email, you need to start today! Email Marketing is the #1 form of marketing for small businesses in the nation. What’s the reason for this? It’s inexpensive and works to cement your brand in the mind of your audience. Plus, it’s very effective in creating sales opportunities with a strong Return on Investment (ROI).

We work with you to create an exciting direct marketing campaign that will resonate with your target market. Then you sit back and relax while we complete the work. It’s that easy.

Professional Email Marketing Services

Specifically, some of the services we provide are content research, development, and design, using best practices. We also use it to enhance other forms of marketing efforts.

  • Constant Contact Certified

    Our leader, Cindy Donham Neky, is a Certified Social Media Strategist offering our clients the highest level of digital strategy, including all our professional email marketing services.

  • Marketing Pathways creates original email template designs that complement your brand.
  • Using our email marketing knowledge and best practices we develop effective professional emails.
  • We work with you to determine your email campaign content based on your objectives.
  • Our consultation includes ideas, direction, a working calendar, and information to create the most functional and results-driven emails.
  • As advanced users and providers of professional email marketing services, our tacticians use dynamic content, automated email welcome series, automated email behavioral series, surveys, polls, A/B subject line testing, customizable pop-up forms, list management and segmentation, email authentication, and tracking and reporting.
  • One of our goals is helping our clients get higher email open rates through delivery best practices and industry authentication standards.
  • Analytics provide insight into the email campaign’s value and provides sales leads.

An email marketing campaign can be an excellent way for B2B businesses to strengthen their brand and communicate with clients and prospects.

Marketing Pathways’ professional email marketing services should be an element of your marketing strategy.
Strategic thinking. Creative ideas. Results.

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