Social Media Marketing Services

Marketing Pathways offers a complete line of social media marketing services. We've worked with clients in various industries to formulate and execute the right approach for their company.

Cindy Donham Neky is a Certified Social Media Strategist with knowledge and experience in all facets of social media.

Social Media Marketing Online Learning Course

Cindy Donham Neky is a Certified Social Media Strategist with knowledge and experience in all facets of social media.

Social Media Marketing Services

We Make it Easy

Social media is powerful. It's the perfect platform for building long-term relationships with an unlimited pool of potential buyers for your products or services. With one click, you can easily have your brand in front of a targeted group of fans. Social media fans are the new purveyors of word-of-mouth marketing.

Social media is an intricate web of content and client encounters. It is more nuanced than posting sales information about your business or, even worse, advertising non-stop. It is all about creating engagement with those you do business with or would like to. Unfortunately, companies without knowledge and experience about what should and shouldn't be included in a social media campaign make costly mistakes that cripple their brand.

Many businesses have dabbled in social media and then found it too much work to develop an effective social media campaign, keep up with all the changes, understand best practices, create exciting content, and post helpful information regularly. We make it easy. We do it for you, and we do it the right way.

Forming a Plan

Our program includes developing a B2B social media plan with a strategy to attract your audience with stirring content and brand development.

Marketing Pathways Execution of Your Plan

  • We can develop a comprehensive social media strategy for your business that is coordinated with your overall marketing strategy. Integrate one or more social media campaigns into your total marketing strategy to connect directly with prospects and current clients.
  • Our social media marketing services are centered around LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, but we are knowledgeable in other social sites.
  • Create social media pages using our social media marketing services best practices and innovative style to attract your targeted reader's attention.
  • Post original updates using current best practices, photos, and text/copy style.
  • Using powerful content across multiple platforms, we practice the marketing adages of consistency and repetition.
  • Adding advertising to your social media campaigns on social sites can be a lucrative way to develop your brand identity and sell your product or service. We've provided extensive social media advertising services for our clients and know what works.

Other Social Media Marketing Services

LinkedIn Sales Training:
Using LinkedIn to Meet Your Best Prospects

  • Your B2B sales staff will learn how they can use LinkedIn to gain opportunities and new sales.
  • Learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile to attract attention.
  • Creating content engagement that will be interesting and helpful to your prospects.
  • Using LinkedIn to approach your new prospects, influencers, and current clients.
  • How to effectively contact and interact with connections to gain their trust and meet, either in person or online.
  • Using ongoing interaction and engagement to deepen your business relationship with connections.
Strategic thinking. Creative ideas. Results.