8 Email Marketing Tips to Boost Results and Get More Leads

8 Email Marketing Tips

Email Marketing is an essential element to long-term digital marketing. Social Media gets most of the notoriety, but email is where you'll find the best Return on Investment. Why? With Social Media, your business relies on followers going to your social site. Email drops right into the reader's inbox. A well-done email will grab the reader's attention. Don't get me wrong; I'm a believer in social media. However, if you want to change the dynamic of your digital marketing, Email Marketing will be the quickest way to get great leads. These email marketing tips include ideas and tactics you may have overlooked.

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8 Email Marketing Tips to Boost Results and Get More Leads.

  1. Include website links for readers to click:

    When you send an email to a list of prospects or clients, no matter what the subject or content, be sure to include links to other sites or information. They can be websites or social media sites. It's always great to send them to your website, but if that isn't realistic based on the text or other content, include links to other sites, documents, videos, or contact email. Why do this? The best way to gauge whether your content resonates with the reader is if they like it well enough to continue engaging with it. If you put all of the information in your email without linking to other sources outside the email, your analytics won't tell you what works and what doesn't.

    The analytics are why you shouldn’t put a flyer in an email unless it has hot links somewhere in its body. Without those, you have no idea whether they are reading it or not. It's better to create the flyer in the email rather than add a pdf or graphic.

  2. Create an exciting and interesting subject line:

    This is one of the most important parts of email marketing. Too many creators slap any subject line on the email, thinking that the email is the most critical part. Good content is essential, but if no one reads it, you've spent a lot of time on it for nothing. Choose a subject line that will be so tempting they have to open the email and read it.

    Try to choose the most exciting part of your email to feature in the subject line. Don't use bland subject lines like 'our newsletter.' Be creative and have fun with it. Does your software have the ability to add a name to it? An emoji? Try those. See how they affect your open rate.

  3. Be sure to effectively brand your design:

    Every company is a brand. How you develop that brand within the email is essential. Not only should the colors match your logo and graphic standards, but the way you use your 'voice' in your writing should deliver the feeling you want people to have when they interact with your company. Serious? Funny? Professional? Lighthearted? It all goes back to your brand and how you want to be seen.

  4. Include video/photos:

    Visually they add so much to any communication. A good photo pulls in the reader and pushes them to read the text that goes along with it. Look for images that are vibrant and eye-catching. Video is one of the best ways to tell a story. The best way to add a video is to post it on your YouTube channel and link to it there. There are other video sites, but YouTube is the biggest and the site with the best overall reach in search engines. Sending your readers to your YouTube channel may get you a few new subscribers too.

  5. The list is central to the success of your email:

    Your list is so much more important than most marketers realize. A good list can increase results exponentially. Having a list with the right people and good email addresses mean they are more likely to open your email and engage with it.

    Engagement with your email is the best way to get them to buy. The old saying that repetition in marketing is important is still valid. Maybe even more so today due to all the communication noise that people have in their lives.

    Download The 5-Step Approach to Successful Email Marketing Guide

  6. Use the resend feature:

    There are email marketing software providers that include a resend feature. Resend is a terrific way to get your email opened and readers engaged. Resend happens when the email goes out automatically a second designated time to anyone that didn't open it the first time. Have you ever seen an email that you told yourself you wanted to read but decided you would do it later? After that, you forgot? Resend is a great way to remind readers that they didn't open it and still need to read it. Your open rates may double by using this handy feature. Ours do.

  7. Provide unique content:

    Marketers who get the most successful results also provide information to the reader that they can't find elsewhere. Readers like the one-stop way of receiving great content from you. Research or write engaging content, and your target marketing will look forward to opening your email every time you send one.

  8. Use a robust Email Software:

    There are many email software products available. Choose one that provides the best alternatives for you. While the low price may be a desired component for you, be sure that it also provides features that will make your email marketing top-notch. Free accounts typically don't offer many design capabilities and detailed analytics. No matter what level of email marketing user you are, beginner or advanced, you need to achieve your goals.

    The better the software program, the more likely you are to achieve your sales goals. We use Constant Contact. The features within the design area are easy to use and numerous. The analytics provide detailed information that gives us the tools to keep improving and our clients with sales leads. If you are interested in a free no-obligation Constant Contact trial account, click here.

Hopefully, these 8 Email Marketing Tips will help you achieve better results with your Email Marketing. Consider adding Email Marketing to your digital marketing strategy. If you are looking for someone to provide this service to you, contact us. We would love to help.